Did you know that most utilities are buried less than 3 feet below the surface? No matter how small the project, if you plan on digging call 811 before you dig! Missouri One Call can help you avoid an accident. Underground utility lines may be near where you are planning to dig. Missouri One Call personnel will notify CLGW who will locate and mark underground utility lines for free so you can avoid hitting them when digging. This service will help you avoid injury or disruption of service that may occur if utility lines are damaged.

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Please take a brief moment to complete our questionnaire about natural gas.

CLGW's goal is to provide safe, reliable gas service to our customers and ensure the safety of those living and/or working near our gas pipelines. Public awareness is a critical component of our overall safety program. CLGW management is committed to provide the resources necessary to accomplish this goal. By completing this questionnaire, “YOU” will help us serve you better!

1) Were you aware that natural gas, if handled improperly, can be hazardous?

2) Were you aware that it is a state law to notify Missouri Once Call (Dig rite) at least two working days before doing any excavating? This includes digging even in your own yard.

3) Natural Gas in its’ natural state has no odor, thus we are required to inject odorant into the natural gas before it is delivered to your home or business. Could you identify this odor?

4) Do you know what to do if you smell this odor?

5) Do you know how to get more information about how to use natural gas safely?



To provide a better customer experience and a safer work environment for our employees the CLGW business office is being remodeled. During construction customers may use the drive-thru window to conduct business regardless if you have your bill with you or not. We thank you for your patience as we work to better serve you.


Click the link to review the Unclaimed Property Report.



Starting May 1, 2014 CLGW will offer Levelized Billing to its customers. We will use your past 12 months usage to calculate your monthly payment and add 5% to help cover the possibility of higher bills due to extreme weather. Customers will be required to "true up" at the end of each year, which means we will write you a check for any overpayments or bill for underpayment. In order to qualify for equal pay, customers must meet the following requirements:
• Must be a customer for a year at the same location.
• Not more than two payments past the due date in the last 12 months
• No returned checks in the last 12 months
• No non-pay disconnect in the last 12 months
• Must set up auto-payment via ACH, Debit or Credit Cards
If you have any questions, call our office at 573-888-5366.


CLGW now accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover Credit and Debit cards. You can pay with a check or credit/debit card online, in the office, at the drive thru and over the phone.


Signup for ACH payments or paperless billing in the CLGW office for a chance to win a $50 utility bill credit. One winner will be drawn each month.


Several customers have reported receiving water line insurance offers. We want all our customers to know that this is not associated with CLGW. Please discuss this offer with your insurance agent.


Board of Public Works Directors: (L to R) Bob Green-President, Dr. Steve Pu-Member, John Robertson-Vice President, and Charles B. Brown-Secretary

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