Important information for gas customers of CLGW

CLGW is in the process of replacing ALL natural gas meters in our service area with new meters. Gas customers are urged to take immediate action by identifying the type of gas piping you currently have in use. The use of copper piping that penetrates a wall or floor or any other hard surface is prohibited and MUST BE REPLACED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with an approved piping for natural gas. NOTE: Small pieces of copper piping (3-FEET OR LESS) for connecting an appliance to a shut off valve may be used, but MUST NOT penetrate a hard surface (wall, floor, etc).

copper line

What to expect when CLGW employees upgrade your gas meter

  • gas meter

    Service Interruptioin

    There will be a brief service interruption of 15-30 minutes while CLGW employees remove your old gas meter and replace it with a new AMI-compatible meter.

  • ignition


    Following the service interruption, a CLGW employee will coordinate with you to relight pilot lights in your home. If you’re not home, a door hanger will be left, notifying you to contact CLGW at 573-888-5366 during normal business hours or 573-888-2888 after hours to make arrangements. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • inspector

    Safety Inspection

    While inside your home, employees are required to verify that gas plumbing and appliances meet code requirements. Customers found using ventless heaters or non-hardwired baseboard heaters as a primary source of heat will be Red Tagged immediately.

What if we find copper lines?

The City of Kennett passed Ordinance No. 3057 on Sept. 1, 2020. This ordinance gives customers an additional 90-days to replace any copper lines we may find. After this 90-day period, if the copper has not been replaced, we will have to shut off gas service to your home until the issue is corrected.

  • Step 1 We discover an unapproved use of copper in the customer's home.
  • Step 2We issue a "Caution Tag" informing the customer of the issue and allow a "one time" 90-day repair period, as well as the need to have a pressure test performed after the repairs are made.
  • Step 3 The customer replaces all copper fuel lines with approved piping rated for natural gas.
  • Step 4 The customer contacts the Kennett Code Enforcement Office (888-9001) to schedule a pressure test.
  • Step 5 Once the pressure test is approved by the Kennett Code Enforcement Office (as long as no other issues are found), the customer delivers the signed pressure test card to CLGW and the Caution Tag is removed from service.

Red Tags

Hazardous code violation not related to City of Kennett Ordinance No. 3057 will result in the immediate "Red Tag" of your gas service. This means you gas service will be locked at the meter until such time the issue has been corrected and approved by the Kennett Code Enforcement Office.

Examples of hazardous code violations include, but are not limited to:

  • ventless heater

    An unvented gas heater used as a primary heat source or in a sleeping area.

  • baseboard heater

    A plug-in style baseboard heaters being used as a primary heat source.

  • flex line

    A flex line coming through a wall or floor.