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Our Mission is to Provide the

Best Possible Service at the Lowest Possible Price.

Our Mission is to Provide the Best Possible Service at the Lowest Possible Price.

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Fiber to the Home


In June 2002, CLGW launched it's Internet Service to Kennett residents and businesses in order to meet a need in the community. In 2010 the Board of Public works decided to launch fiber to the home.

Cities and towns across the US are viewing access to advanced telecommunications as pivotal to prosperity. Cities with high speed Internet can attract new employers and give existing businesses a reason to stay. CLGW offers fiber optic internet service to businesses and residential customers throughout the city. Features include unlimited access, a personal webpage, and e-mails with free virus and spam filtering.

The Internet personnel are responsible for operation and maintenance of the systems, on site installation of fiber to the home, wireless service, and providing local technical support.

Internet is another example of how the local ownership of the utility company provides lower cost rates, saving consumers money and at the same times providing jobs here in Kennett. The addition of the Internet was a step toward providing additional skilled job opportunities here in Kennett.

CLGW.net Internet Service


CLGW brought high speed internet to the area in 2003. Seeing a need in the area for a high speed broadband internet connection, the Kennett Board of Public Works decided to enter into the internet business to provide our customers with a new type of utility. Since that time CLGW has continued to expand its network to keep up with growth adding additional capacity before it was needed. In order to keep up with future expansion CLGW has completed a redundant fiber optic ring around the city.


Talk about convenient! Get all of your utilities and your internet on one bill. Pay just one bill with the option of paying it online.


Please contact our office at 888-5366. Do business with local people working for local people.

Fiber to the Home

CLGW's Information Technology department is making fiber internet service available to the home – your home! Fiber Optics is a technology that uses glass threads to transmit data. A fiber optic cable consists of a bundle of glass threads, each of which are capable of transmitting messages into light waves.

Fiber has the following advantages over existing copper lines.

  • Higher Speed – Fiber optic networks operate at extremely high speeds.
  • Greater bandwidth – Fiber has a large carrying capacity for faster data transmission.
  • Distance – Fiber can carry a strong signal over a wide distance.
  • Reliability – Fiber is less susceptible to interference such as weather and foliage.
  • Durability – Fiber is less susceptible to degradation and breakage.

How can a fiber network benefit your family? Fiber optics makes streaming videos and online gaming fast, much faster than through a wireless service or any other method of delivery. A fiber network can generate new ways to work such as telecommuting from home, video conferencing from location to location, and working an internet based business from home. The fiber optic backbone also has advantages for CLGW. It is being used to monitor and control various operations carried out at remote locations for which CLGW is responsible. Future uses such as remote meter reading are also being planned with the fiber to the home system.

If fiber is now available in your neighborhood and you want to jump on the internet at the "speed of light", please contact our office at 888-5366 or 888-9088 and speak to a local customer service representative.

Below are the various fiber packages CLGW has available.

No contract is necessary with Fiber to the Home.

Fiber to the Business

CLGW also offers to the businesses in Kennett, a dedicated high speed fiber optic internet connection.

Benefits of Fiber

  • Fiber is not susceptible to degradation like existing copper lines. This means less maintenance which leads to a lower cost to the end user.
  • Local Operation. When you call for support you talk to a local person.
  • Practically no limit on capacity. After installation is complete only the electronics need to be upgraded. The fiber will be a sufficient carrier long into the future.
  • A fiber network can generate new ways to work. Internet based business from home, telecommuting from home, video conferencing from location to location.


  • Package 1 ($19.95*)
    • 3 Mb Download
    • 3 Mb Upload
    • $75 setup fee
  • Package 2 ($24.95)
    • 6 Mb Download
    • 6 Mb Upload
    • No setup fee
  • Package 3 ($29.95)
    • 12 Mb Download
    • 12 Mb Upload
    • No setup fee
  • Package 4 ($39.95)
    • 16 Mb Download
    • 16 Mb Upload
    • No setup fee
  • Package 5 ($49.95)
    • 25 Mb Download
    • 25 Mb Upload
    • No setup fee
  • Package 6 ($64.95)
    • 50 Mb Download
    • 50 Mb Upload
    • No setup fee
  • Package 7 ($84.95)
    • 100 Mb Download
    • 100 Mb Upload
    • No setup fee
Additional speed is available upon request.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program that replaces the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB Program) to help low-income households pay for internet service and connected devices.

If your household is eligible, you can receive:

  • • Up to a $30/month discount on your internet service
  • • Up to a $75/month discount if your household is on qualifying Tribal lands
  • • A one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer (with a co-payment of more than $10 but less than $50)

Only one monthly service discount and one device discount is allowed per household. To receive the connected device discount, consumers need to enroll in the ACP with a participating provider that offers connected devices (Note: not all internet company offer device discounts.) The internet company will provide the discount to the consumer.

How to Apply

Eligible households must both apply for the program and apply the EBB to CLGW's Fiber Plan. You must also print and fill out the EBB Agreement Form below and bring it by the CLGW office.

Apply for ACP Benefit

Apply ACP to CLGW Fiber Internet Plan

Print ACP Agreement Form

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